JIMINY is a project funded by the EU through the Erasmus+ Programme, Key action 2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices), Strategic partnership for adult education. It will be implemented by 7 partners with significant experience in the implementation of the projects: ADES (Romania), CWEP (Poland), SIMPLEXIS (Greece), Midshift (Portugal), Inno Hub (Spain), CCS (Ireland) and LABC (Italy).

The main goal of the project is to increase the techniques of emotional Intelligence, digital awareness and entrepreneurship lifestyle among the disadvantaged groups’ members (low qualified persons, unemployed, adults at poverty risk, etc.) and adult educators from the partners’s countries.

This goal will be achieved through the development of the

  1. JIMINY Self-help Handbook, which will provide different techniques for improving the emotional intelligence, digital awareness and entrepreneurship lifestyle
  2. JIMINY Personal Trainer, which will be an artificial intelligence-driven personal trainer capable of acting as an end-to-end solution securing and supporting the whole learning and upskilling processes. JIMINY Personal Trainer will be able to diagnose individual needs and provide a customized learning path as an instant remedy.

The target groups of JIMINY Project and beneficiaries of its results will be members of disadvantaged groups (low qualified persons, unemployed, adults at poverty risk, etc.) and adult educators.

Through the activities of the project, the seven partners seek to improve the situation of the disadvantaged groups’ members increasing their employability on a rapid changing and high demanding labour market, as well as to create tools for the institutions which support and take care of disadvantaged adults, such as: adult education centres, social welfare institution, schools for adults, third age universities, associations supporting disadvantaged adults and fighting with social exclusion, local and regional self-government education departments and adult educators.