JIMINY Self-Help Handbook

“Education is a Journey, not a Destination” is the motto of JIMINY bespoke, modular Self-help Handbook which was created within Output 1. The Handbook provides different techniques for improving the emotional intelligence, digital awareness and entrepreneurship lifestyle.

The Handbook is the result of a series of activities carried out from the beginning of JIMINY project. Within the first stage a desk research was conducted in each of the partners’ countries, followed by a Consultation Workshop with local stakeholders. National Reports were developed by the partners to gather all the information from this first stage. The State of the Art Report synthesised the seven National Reports and set the grounds for developing JIMINY Self-Help Handbook. JIMINY Self-Help Handbook is accompanied by JIMINY Training Plan for Adult Educators.

JIMINY Self-Help Handbook can be used by both the disadvantaged group members and of the adult educators.

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